Automotive Dealership Programs

Offered exclusively by Star Shield Solutions, their experienced Business Development Managers will onboard your dealership personnel with our processes to fit any environment. We provide solutions that are congruent with your needs and can capitalize on your existing resources. If needed, we can provide you with resources whether it's our certified network of installation professionals or resources for addendums, we are your solutions provider. Ideally offered as a front-end retail product with upsell benefits through F&I for additional income, we can show you how to retain profits for both Variable and Fixed Operations.

1. Modified Consignment with Simple Install & Removal Process

2. Inventory Management Reporting

3. Retail Sales Vehicle Location Tool

4. F&I additional Theft Benefit Income

5. Customer Application with 3yr Unlimited Data Subscription
6. Service Retention via Dealership Promos & Maintenance Notifications